Providing value to our customers


Imatric Die making was founded in 1970. Dedicated to the development, design and construction of tooling for the automotive and electronic components. Basic progressive precision tools and large series progressive dies lines with transfers of size up to 3 meters in length and 10,000 kg of weight as well as all types of additional tools and automation. Imatric occupies an 1100 square meter industrial plant. It has a support formed by four designers and four CAD-CAM stations. The die making workshop is equipped with last generation machinery, wire erosion, machining centers, high speed milling machines, grinders profiles, etc. Over a thousand projects have been made, submitted, and approved with our support and trajectory.


(Técnicas de deformación metálica) was established in 1990 by the request of our customers to have complete solutions from design and tool development, as well as subsequent production and metal deformation. Tecdem's activity is focused on production for the automotive and electronics industry with tooling base metal deformation processes. Tecdem occupies a 1200 square meter warehouse adjacent to Imatric. It has equally, modern facilities with the latest generation of presses from 30 tons to 400 tons. Additionally, Tecdem has Four lines (presses) 400Tn, four lines (presses) 250 tn and six units (press) 30 tons to 200 tons. Additionally, there is a welding section, laboratory, metrology, dimensional and other equipment of a modern stamping plant to ensure a high level of quality as well as a dynamic production line that meets current industry requirements.

We deliver our products to different markets. Our main customers are first level companies of automobile and electronic components. All our processes are certified by the highest standards in the industry since 1997.